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The Rachmastrivka Rebbe (Jerusalem)


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Rabbi Duvid Twersky is the embodiment of humility. Before becoming the Rebbe, almost no-one knew who this ‘regular’  person was davening (praying) next to them in any given shtiebel (small prayer house) in the Geula section of Jerusalem. He conducted himself not as the son of the scion of the Rachmastrivka dynasty, but as a simple Jew, devout in Torah u’tefilah (learning & prayer). He was a regular at shtiebels, batei midradshim (Learning buildings) and batei knesios (synagogues) around Geula, interacting with everyone including the downtrodden, and the drifter. With a gentleness, he would greet every person and never saw himself as greater that the next person.


Once he was crowned the Rebbe, it was only at the behest of those around him  that he changed his habitual intermingling with regular people, although it is said that he insists of moving around without an entourage. His intensity in all matters of ruchnius (spirituality) is revered worldwide and has attracted thousands of people. Many Jews unaffiliated with Rachmastrivka are drawn to his Torah knowledge and piety.


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