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R' Moshe Feinstein

Acrylic Paint
Cotton Canvas

R' Moshe Feinstein

Black and white acrylic oversized portrait of R' Moshe Feinstein z'tl. 

R’ Moshe was renowned for his adjudication in Jewish law. He was sought after far and wide for his wealth of knowledge and common sense approach to resolving halachic disputes. His halachic responsa were fundamental in guiding the American, and by extension, the international Jewish community in understanding modern-day halachic challenges. His rulings are collected in an encyclopedic body of work called Igros Moshe.

R’ Moshe Feinstein was born in 1895 in a town called Uzda, which was part of the Russian Empire.

His father, Rabbi Dovid Feinstein, was the rav of Uzdan and a great-grandson of the Vilna Gaon's brother. R' Moshe was appointed rabbi of Lubań, where he served for sixteen years. He later married Shima Kustanovich in 1920. In 1937 R' Moshe moved with his family to New York City, settling on the Lower East Side. R' Moshe Feinstein became the rosh yeshiva of Mesivtha Tifereth Jerusalem.

The black-and-white acrylic painting captures the kindness and wisdom that R' Moshe z'tl was so renowned for. In spite of his towering intellect and fame, he was exceptionally humble and was kind and patient with all, regardless of their status.

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