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Wish You Were Here (Succos at the Kotel)

Acrylic Paint
Cotton Canvas

Collection of the artist (not for sale)

This scene of the Kotel in Jerusalem reflects the morning light of early shachris (morning prayers) time of day during the Succos holiday. The large scale emphasizes the drama of being at the Western Wall among a sea of worshipping Jews, many wrapped in their white wool tallis (prayer) shawls, reflecting the sunlight.

The name of this piece, Wish You Were Here, was inspired by the many individuals holding up their cell phones in an inadequate attempt to capture the sheer majesty and euphoria of the moment they are experiencing.

The large scale of the painting almost gives one the feeling that they are actually there, with a three-dimensional quality that shimmers off the surface of the canvas. 

Wish You Where Here, Reuben Miller, Acrylic on Canvas_edited.jpg
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